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No Rest for the Righteous
Each place we find ourselves demands that we rectify it.
After all of the tumult with Laban and, Esau, moving back to Israel, and the tribulation with Shechem, Jacob requested from G-d to be allowed to "live in tranquility". The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains Jacob's request as a desire to achieve the goal of his life, to live in tranquility with his family.
Down in Egypt Land
We have the ability to actually transform exile into redemption.
"Joseph 'went down/hurad' to Egypt".

The word "hurad" refers to the fact that Joseph brought the Divine Presence into Egypt. Joseph was ripped from his nurturing, spiritually elevated environment and forced against his will to deal with the lowliness of Egypt and he transformed the exile with the strength of the Divine Presence. He became Egypt's leader and made the exile serve him and his family to achieve their lofty goals.
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