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Dreams and Visions
The Zohar
Jacob, who represents the perfection of the forefathers, only merited to have G-d appear to him in a dream since he was not yet married at that time and was therefore incomplete and not worthy of perceiving the spiritual at the level of prophecy.
Mystery of the Matron's Query
The Holy Ari
When an embryo is formed, the soul issues from its source, split into male and female. Their match is therefore intrinsic and no further evaluation of who suits whom is necessary. But this applies only to a person's first marriage. In the case of second marriages, a person is given a spouse commensurate with his deeds.
Crude Talk
Crude Talk
Mystical Classics
Jacob and Leah were on a spiritual level approaching that which existed in the Garden of Eden, when there was no feeling of shame or embarrassment attached to the act of copulation. They therefore expressed themselves in a totally unrestrained manner. Jacob also kissed Rachel the moment they met and this was not considered suggestive.
The Marriage Crash
Chasidic Masters
The universe is the space G-d creates for mankind through an act of withdrawal. No single act more profoundly indicates the love and generosity implicit in Creation. The same applies in human relationships. Love, like the act of creation, is the courageous act of creating space for the presence of the other.
Stone Pillow
Contemporary Kabbalists
Jacob placed around his head twelve stones, corresponding to the twelve tribes. Through their unification into one stone, the tzadik could lay down his head. This implies that the Jewish People will be able to live on their land in security only if there will be unity between them.
Faithful Connection
Ascent Lights
Jacob left his home all alone for a strange land. By his own testimony, he arrived with nothing but his walking stick. Nevertheless, he was filled with optimism and confidence, because he trusted G-d unconditionally. Even when the situation worsened, when his own relatives were ready to deceive him, his faith still did not waiver.
The Ticket Trade
Mystical Stories
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