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Growing Up
Growing Up
Our ancestors teach about the maturation of the worlds.
Jacob represents the full development of the concept of "patriarch", in contrast to Abraham and Isaac, who represented preparatory stages in this process. Similarly, Abba and Imma, the intellect, can be considered preparatory phases in the developmental process that leads to Zeir Anpin (and Nukva) the main partzuf through which divinity is manifest on earth.
Two Names, Two Wives
Kabbalah explains that Rachel and Leah each united with a unique aspect of the spirit of Jacob.
Rachel and Leah personified the two partzufim of Nukva, while Jacob personified Zeir Anpin. Jacob's original name applied to him when he had rectified Zeir Anpin only from the chest down - correspondng to Rachel's stature. Leah's stature, in contrast, is from the chest [of Zeir Anpin] up, for there the lights are covered.
Spiritual Wages
G-d also rewards His 'employees' from the week through Shabbat
"On the day he [earns them] you shall give [him] his wages."

The initials of these words: "beyomo titein secharo" spell Shabbat. Whenever a person performs any commandment or learns a lot of Torah on a weekday, he accrues an additional level of Shabbat holiness -- even on the weekday.
Mystery of the Matron's Query
Kabbalah describes the details of marital harmony and reincarnation.
When an embryo is formed, the soul issues from its source, split into male and female. Their match is therefore intrinsic and no further evaluation of who suits whom is necessary. But this applies only to a person's first marriage. In the case of second marriages, a person is given a spouse commensurate with his deeds.
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