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Making a Positive Impression
Each of us leaves a spiritual impression everywhere we go.
It is much harder to express ourselves spiritually in a place that is (or was) filled with evil. Yet the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent his emissaries all over the world, even to many places overridden with "evil" behavior. With his inspiration, we can redouble our efforts, overcoming such spiritual obstacles, and instill new positive energy wherever we go.
Marriage Tips
Harmonious married life unites worlds.
Jacob understood that Torah study is an integral requirement for preparation for marriage. Therefore, prior to this for 14 years he studied Torah constantly at the Shem and Ever Yeshiva and did not sleep. Similarly for us, Torah study is crucial before one's wedding, and afterwards has the power to keep the marriage on the proper track.
Straight and Simple
Although fulfilling a commandment in the most beautiful way is very important, this is true only if it will not do any damage to another. Sometimes it is better to give up on some personal achievement if by doing so we can protect another person.
Ascent to the City
Successful spiritual travels remain rooted in a focus on the holy.
Before the wedding, the bride and groom can easily grow "vertically", approaching G-d's Essence, taking on new levels at will. After the wedding, when the two souls are united, the emphasis is to spread holiness outward.

As opposed to personal elevation; the growth is "horizontal", touching the world with G-dliness through all of the new mitzvahs the couple can now fulfill that were unavailable to them before.
Faithful Connection
Ultimately, we can only depend upon G-d
Jacob left his home all alone for a strange land. By his own testimony, he arrived with nothing but his walking stick. Nevertheless, he was filled with optimism and confidence, because he trusted G-d unconditionally. Even when the situation worsened, when his own relatives were ready to deceive him, his faith still did not waiver.
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