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Cracking Eggs for an Omelet
Why the righteous are tested
Rabbi Yehuda teaches that Abraham and Isaac had to experience starvation and famine in their respective lifetimes since when G-d wishes to shine into the soul of a person, He strikes the body to weaken it, in order that the soul can rule over it.
Crafting a United Humanity
G-d looked at the 22 letters and 10 vowels that make up the 10 sayings by which He created the world, which became the 32 paths down which flowed Wisdom (chochma) to create the world by the 32 times that the name Elokim appears in the account of Creation.
Dressed in Divine Light
Kabbalah teaches that the garments worn by Jacob smelled of the Garden of Eden.
"…''See, the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field which G-d has blessed.'"

The Zohar reveals that the Garden of Eden entered with Jacob. Isaac did not attribute the scent to his clothes but rather to Jacob himself, for he sensed that the fragrance of the Garden of Eden was due to Jacob's merit; therefore he was worthy of the blessings.

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