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Liberating Imprisoned Soul-Sparks
Kabbalah teaches that the Patriarchs married only souls rooted in holiness.
Abraham was still incomplete, as neither he nor his son Isaac had as yet produced holy female offspring. Canaan [Noah's grandson] had been cursed by Noah and denied holy female souls amongst his seed as a result. Hence, there was no chance of finding the girl who possessed a holy soul amongst them when Isaac sent Jacob to search for his lost mate.
Donations for David
The Zohar writes that David, though extant in concept, had not been allocated any life on earth at all. When Adam saw this, he donated 70 years of his life to David; therefore he did not live 1000 years as he was entitled to, but died at 930.
Rebecca's Special Love for Jacob
The love of the male for the female is rooted in the "left" side of the emanations.
Although she was looked upon askance because she had given birth to the wicked Esau, Rebecca testified that her deeds proved that she had no affinity for Esau. On the contrary, Rebecca had a special love for Jacob.
The Unique Wealth of Isaac
Sexually pure conduct unlocks all the bounty of the Land of Israel
The scoffers of that generation claimed that it was impossible for Isaac to have fathered a son such as Esau, who pursued married women to commit adultery with them under the noses of their husbands.

But Isaac's extraordinary wealth and material success, the fact that he was sanctified on Mount Moriah, and his life-long residence on the holy soil of the Land of Israel, all served to show that he was indeed a true son of Abraham.
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