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Torah: Good for the Soul
By learning Torah, a person can perfect himself in the place he is.
A person must do everything possible to perfect himself. if he cannot do it himself, he should find a wise man who can help him. At times, a person can perfect himself where he lives, in his town. At other times, though, parts of his life-force have fallen to other places where he must travel to redeem them.
"And Isaac prayed fervently to G d in the presence of his wife."

The prayer of the righteous can reverse the conduct of G d from that of judgment to compassion because the righteous convert any longing and desire into a desire for closeness to (i.e. love of) G d.
Raising Isaac
The Patriarchs are called in the Midrash, "G-d's Chariot". Just as a chariot has no agenda of its own, its identity and direction is dictated solely by the will of the rider, so the Patriarchs were merely conduits for the expression of divinity.
Mother Knows Best
Rebecca always knew what to do; she never entertained any doubts.
Rebecca was always clear-headed and focused, always knowing exactly what to do. When she heard that Isaac was going to bless Esau first, without any wavering, she prepared Jacob to receive the blessings instead.
Morning Wellsprings
Mitzvahs performed throughout the day reflect the power of the Morning Prayer.
Although one must go about one's business after prayer, and sometimes one's daily affairs seem to cover over and bury that reservoir of spirituality developed in the morning, one can still tap into that reservoir by means of the mitzvot one observes throughout the day. These serve as wellsprings that bring the underground "water" to the surface.
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