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Fostering Good, Combating Evil
Jacob's focus was mainly the constant ascent in divine consciousness
Jacob was drawn to the direct path of ascending the ladder of divine consciousness by increasing knowledge and good deeds, whereas Esau was drawn to the indirect path of championing goodness by combating evil.
Children Banished from Their Father's Table
G-d made the Land of Israel uniquely conducive to feeling His presence.
Because Isaac was consecrated as an ascent-offering, G‑d did not allow him to leave the Holy Land. The more we emulate Isaac's holiness, the more deeply will we feel how the Holy Land is our home and how incongruous is our exile from it.
Two Souls
Two Souls
The highest spiritual level is one which transforms the darkness itself into light.
There are two levels in the service of G-d: one where the light of holiness drives away the darkness and a higher level where one transforms the darkness itself into light.
Assigning Homework
The picture the Torah presents of Isaac seems the antithesis of all that we know about his father Abraham.
Isaac communicated to the world by digging wells. Isaac's message was: "Now that you have been revived, look for your own source of water and reveal within yourself a wellspring of Divine awareness that will serve to quench your spiritual thirst your whole lifetime."
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