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The Year of Unity
All of the years of Sarah's life hint at hidden spiritual truths.
"And the life of Sarah was one hundred year and twenty year and seven years, these were the years of the life of Sarah."

All of the years of Sarah's life hint at hidden spiritual truths. One hundred years is the completion of the 10 sefirot, each sefira which is made up of 10 sefirot. The number 100 thus hints at spiritual perfection. The number 20 hints at the sefirot of wisdom and understanding, which are counted in tens. Seven years hints at the 7 lower sefirot, each of which is counted as a single unit.
Timing It Well
Rebecca was selected due her modesty.
Eliezer understood that G-d had him arrive at exactly that time to enable him to meet the modest girls who specifically went out of their homes at that time of day in order to avoid the shepherds in order that he meet the bride fitting for Isaac.
Sarah's Passing - Part 1
Kabbalah teaches that the lowest worlds are characterized by divisiveness.
Sarah's age at the time of her passing was: " hundred year, twenty year and seven years, the years of Sarah's life."

The Zohar explains that each digit of the number 127 refers to Sarah's unique spiritual status. One hundred years refers to the sefira of keter, the most concealed and sublime of the sefirot. "Twenty year" is comprised of ten sefirot of chochma and the ten sefirot of bina in which the supernal is most hidden. Seven years alludes to the six sefirot of Zeir Anpin together with the sefira of malchut, the "seven days of Creation".
Abraham's Presents to the East
What one seeks in This World directs the path of his soul as it ascends the spiritual realms.
The ancient children of the East inherited the wisdom based on the names of the unholy side that Abraham sent with the sons of his concubines when he sent them eastward to India, away from his son Isaac.
Closer to the King
Audio | 13:19
Closer to the King
Based on Zohar Breishit 129A
Abraham did not come closer in one day or at one time, but his deeds brought him closer every day as he moved from one level to another  until he reached the level of chesed in Zeir Anpin of the world of Atzilut when he was old.

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