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Caves and Kingship
Kabbalah illustrates the unique role of each of the terms used for the Cave of Machpela.
Abraham purchased the Machpela cave to bury Sarah in it. Immediately after this, we are told that "Abraham was old, having arrived in days, and G-d blessed Abraham with 'everything/bakol'.

The Sages say that this also alludes to the fact that Abraham had a daughter named 'Bakol', to signify that Abraham was blessed with malchut, the divine consciousness of the Future World, only then.
Rebecca and Her Pitcher of Water
Rebecca and Elijah and their pitchers of water rejuvenated the entire Redemption process.
The Ari teaches us that the feminine aspect plays a decisive role in the process of Redemption. Indeed, Zeir Anpin is depicted as being helpless and dependent on Rebecca/Nukva to restore its broken tiferet, or heart.
Grandfather Abraham
Kabbalah illustrates the mystical level of grandparents.
G‑d promised Abraham that he would merit getting satisfaction from children. His son Ishmael repented during his lifetime and he died just before his grandson Esau committed himself to a wicked lifestyle.
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