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Foundations of the City
Sarah helped rectify the basic elements of Creation.
"Sarah died at Kiryat Arba, which is Hebron."

The Torah adds that "Kiryat Arba" is also known as "Hebron", an allusion to the Hebrew word "chibur", meaning connection. Whereas death normally implies a disintegration of the four basic elements that the body is composed of, the righteous are still called "alive" even after they have ceased to function in physical bodies because they transformed those material elements into spirituality.
The Legacy of Sarah
Sarah lived on…in Rebecca's virtues.
The Midrash teaches that Sarah's virtue was recognized through the blessing she spread and conferred on others. Her dough was blessed, her light never went out, her doors remained open for all to look inside and to see that there was no impurity concealed within her tent.
Earth-Bound Adam
All humankind shares a connection with the holy Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron.
Since Adam sinned and was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he would not live forever. The death of one pious is very precious in the eyes of G-d for it enables him to return to his lofty place in the Garden of Eden and for his soul to live forever. Adam was thus buried in the cave of Machpela which has an opening to the Garden of Eden.
A Fragrant Connection
The secret of Abraham's third marriage
Ah, the power of teshuva! One [i.e. Hagar] can be born into a ruling family in the land of greatest impurity [Egypt], sold into slavery, later be banished, and then return and rise up to the level to merit to bond with the Chariot of the attribute of chesed/kindness -— our forefather Abraham!
Knowing You from Adam
Adam and Eve's continuity was assured through Abraham.
Rabbi Shimon said that when Abraham entered the cave of Machpela to bury Sarah, Adam and Eve did not want to remain buried in there. They complained they needn't suffer any additional shame upon constantly facing a pair of people so much better than them, who hadn't brought sin into the world as they had. Abraham replied that he would pray to G-d on their behalf so G-d would forgive their sin.
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