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Teach Your Children Well
Parents live on in the merit of their children.
Although the name of the portion is "Chayei Sarah", literally the "life of Sarah", we find that the portion, in fact, speaks about Sarah's passing and the aftermath. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that real life, eternal life, is when our children live their lives with the positive attributes that we taught them.
Spiritual Investments
Every soul must deal in spiritual merchandise
This world is called the "land of Canaan" - meaning the "business world" - since in Hebrew, the word "canaan" means "merchant". Our purpose in life is to do business, not in the "Wall Street" sense, but rather to gain spiritual revenues and raise our soul's status. Through serving G-d, our "stock" increases and we climb the spiritual ladder.
A Perfect Match
Rebecca demonstrated the quality of loving-kindness, fitting for the legacy of Abraham.
The foundation of holiness is to give to others; the side opposite holiness solely seeks to receive without giving. Therefore Eliezer tested Rebecca in this particular realm. When she herself volunteered to water his camels, he saw this as a sign of her holiness and fitting to marry Abraham's offspring.
The Flowing Well
Torah study brings with it a blessing for a good Jewish marriage.
Eliezer assumed that because of his lowliness and unworthiness that G-d would not allow him to fulfill his mission. Therefore, he specifically states that he was standing by a well.

Water is compared to and connected to Torah, G-d's will and wisdom. Even if he was not worthy, perhaps in the merit of the water he would be able to do as his master requested of him.
Iran and its Jewish Connection
The ‘Lion of Judah’ is an emblem among Jews almost as common as the Jewish Star.
It is a strange irony that these Persian Aryans, who seem - at least recently - to have such compelling hatred for the Jewish race, might actually trace their leonine (synonym for Aryan) roots to Abraham, the first Jew.
Sarah, Then and Now
A sensitive appraisal of Sarah reveals a strong, self-confident woman, spiritual teacher and leader.
Sarah was a strong, self-confident woman, spiritual teacher and leader, gifted with prophetic vision and clarity, even beyond that of her prophet husband, Abraham. We are all blessed with the potential for this level of humility and relationship with G-d as our inheritance from Sarah.
King David and His Wives
David married many women in the course of his lifetime, some well known; others we know not at all.
David - passionate poet and in love, lyrical singer, courageous in battle and completely G-d-fearing, yet humble - married numerous wives in the course of his lifetime. Among the better known were King Saul's daughter Michal, Abigail the prophetess and Bathsheba, eventually Queen-mother of King Solomon.
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