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Keep On Truckin'
Metaphorically, the south signifies warmth and kindness.
"Abram then continued on his way, going and traveling toward the south."

The Divine energy that animates the world from within naturally seeks to escape the confines of the finite world and cleave to its source. But as soon as it does so, it complies again with God's will and returns to its task of animating physical reality, only to seek once more to ascend to its source.
Walking in the Way
The path of G-d is constant renewal
"...G-d appeared to Abram and said, 'I am G-d Almighty; walk in My ways and be perfect'."

Until now, Abraham possessed the consciousness of the world of Atzilut. Inasmuch as Abraham personified only one of G-d's attributes, that of chesed, his consciousness was limited by this self-definition. To "become perfect" means that G-d will grant Abraham infinite divine consciousness which transcends that of the world of Atzilut.
From Shame to Praise
Arriving at revelation of G-d
If a lack is not first felt, we cannot value the filling of that lack. Therefore, subjugation precedes deliverance.Terach was a worshipper of Avoda "Zara", the spiritual subjugation which must precede spiritual freedom. Parashat Noach ends with, "Terach died in Charan," meaning that Abraham passed beyond the stage of spiritual subjugation and immediately afterward, the Al-mighty was revealed to him.
Corporal Love of the Infinite
It is not enough to serve G-d with the soul alone.
Spiritually, Abraham signifies the soul and Sarah the body. Abraham's willingness to bring his wife Sarah down to the dangerous territory of Egypt shows that it is not enough to serve G-d with the soul alone, depriving the body of its physical fulfillment. Rather, the body must be sent into the dangerous air of "Pharaoh's house" - i.e. engaging in physical pursuits.
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