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Beauty within the Depths
Kabbalah teaches Abraham descended spiritually in order to recognize Sarah's physical beauty.
The sins of the generation preceding the Great Flood cast down many holy sparks into the degenerate nation of Egypt; The Jewish exile there was to redeem the fallen sparks. Abraham likewise went to Egypt to achieve this generations earlier.
Cutting a Covenant
The Tetragrammaton is inscribed in the Brit Milah.
There are two distinct spiritual levels, each referred to as "circumcision"; the higher one is initiated by us, through Torah and mitzvot and is considered a prerequisite to the other.
Do a Mitzvah, Get a Mitzvah
Performing G-d's commandments is a wise investment.
The final reward for mitzvot is not in This World, it is reserved for the World to Come. Yet sometimes G-d grants one wealth after doing a mitzvah as a gift from G-d to enable one to do additional mitzvot.
Every descent is accompanied by a revelation.
After the circumcision, Abraham is called "Father of Nations". "Nations" refers not only to the peoples of the world, but also to the elements of nature in general. Through the circumcision, Abraham experienced the revelation that would allow for the processing and elevation of nature.
The Soul of Mashiach
The four kings represented forces of evil which prevented the revelation of G-dliness in the world.
Many very lofty souls would descend from Lot. Ruth the convert, the great-grandmother of King David and the progenitor of the Mashiach, would come from Lot's son Moab. Therefore Abraham went to war in order to rescue Lot "because of the soul of King David who was within Lot at the time."
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