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Abraham Moves Out on His Own
Part 1
Abraham was blessed from a very young age with the ability to see through the sham of idolatry prevalent in his time and with an urge to seek the truth about the world and its relationship with G-d. This "consciousness-raising" prepared the way for reunion of G-d and His creation, respectively personified in the partzufim of Zeir Anpin and Nukvah.
Love of Abraham
Part 2
The numerical value of the spelling of Elokim is 200, corresponding to the reish (= 200) of "Sarah"; the hei of "Sarah" signify the five letters of Elokim. When the Feminine Principle was fully rectified and made fit for coupling, it was called "Sarah"; when coupled with the masculine spiritual archetype, it produced Isaac.
The Second Arbitrator
Part 3
The Ari explains how the numerical values of the Patriarchs' names illustrate the respective roots of the spiritual entities they represent. Each of the Patriarchs (and all the Seven Shepherds) corresponds to a particular divine emanation (sefira).
Lot to Fight About
The ancient wars were designed to exact spiritual strength from the forces of holiness.
When we are young, there is no conflict between the rectified and unrectified aspects of a person's animal nature. But as we mature and become aware of G d and His commandments, our animal nature begins to mature as well, realizing it cannot always get what it wants and do what it wants to do. However, the unrectified aspects of the animal soul rebels and the person is plunged into the conflict of adolescence.
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