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Above the Stars
Above the Stars
The Zohar
Children, health and livelihood do not depend upon one's merits and righteousness, but on one's mazal. Abraham saw in his constellation that he would not have a son. But G-d "took him outside", raising Abraham above the stars, beyond the realm of reason and nature, promising him that his offspring would be as numerous as the stars.
Suspect Sister
Mystical Classics
"Please say that you are my sister, so soul will live."

The words "my soul will live" is an allusion to Sarah's remaining spiritually uncontaminated. We have a tradition that the reason a righteous person consumes physical food is not to indulge his senses but to satisfy the needs of his soul to carry on his task in life. Abraham was motivated by similar considerations.
The Soul of Mashiach
Chassidic Illuminations
Many very lofty souls would descend from Lot. Ruth the convert, the great-grandmother of King David and the progenitor of the Mashiach, would come from Lot's son Moab. Therefore Abraham went to war in order to rescue Lot "because of the soul of King David who was within Lot at the time."
Attaining the Real You
Contemporary Kabbalists
Only a small part of the soul enters the body and enlivens it. The greater part of the soul, its root, remains above, transcending the limitations of the physical world and experiencing Divinity as clearly and naturally as we experience materiality. During our stay in this world, our challenge is to connect the earthly dimension of our soul (whose physical perception has blinded it to Divinity) with its transcendent root.
Reward for Selflessness
Ascent Lights
The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that because of Abraham's immense humility, he considered himself only a tool for performing G-d's will. His life's work was teaching G-d's Oneness to the world.

Since even the mention of Abraham went hand-in-hand with recognition of G-d, when G-d said he would make Abraham's name great, it was understood that through Abraham's fame, G-d was being made great.
Think Before You Speak
Mystical Story
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