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Noah Brought Us the Rainbow
When the flood of worries tries to engulf us, have faith in G-d.
Worries concerning mundane matters are sometimes referred to as "the waters of Noah". In addition to the destruction, the Flood also purified the world, and brought rest (in Hebrew, “noach“) to G-d.

When the flood of worries tries to engulf us, have faith in G-d. Instead of drowning, you will be lifted above the water by the “teva - words of prayer.
Faults noticed in others are really indications of what we must fix within ourselves.
"These are the generations of Noah"

The Rebbe Rayatz wrote that the "generations", the sum-total-history of mankind, the purpose of his creation and the descent of his soul into this world, was for one purpose only: Noach, i.e. to give satisfaction to the Creator, through the effort we infuse into redeeming the exiled fallen sparks of holiness enclothed in the physical things of our daily lives.
The Shining Stone of Noah's Ark
We must transform physical reality until it shines with the divine light.
Noah was commanded to put a tzohar in the ark. Tzohar is interpreted both as a window and a light producing stone, each representing the two different ways a Jew can fulfill his purpose of revealing divine light in the world.
Outside-In Perception
"he [Ham] saw his father's nakedness."

Since Ham himself was immoral, it resonated in him. On the other hand, the other sons, who were clean from this evil, only saw what needed to be fixed, and "they did not see their father's nakedness".
Floodwaters of Wisdom
The wellsprings of spiritual knowledge are not always easily found.
The Torah states that during the Flood in the year 600 all of the subterranean waterways burst forth. The Zohar explains this to mean that in the Jewish year 5600 (1830 CE), there will be a great expansion of wisdom in the world. We have seen this evidenced by the explosion of expanding secular knowledge in recent history.
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