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The Generation of the Dispersion sought to receive sustenance from the name Havayah
The Generation of the Dispersion sought to gain physical beneficence from on high, though they were undeserving; they did not wish to submit themselves and nullify their egos to the divine will. They wished to build a tower as a sign of unity between them. G-d therefore could not allow it since through unity they indeed would be able to elicit the lofty light.
Selfish Joy, Selfless Joy
Noah attempted to rectify Eve’s error, and to experience joy without self-awareness.
Eve was aware of the importance of joy and sought to attain it by offering Adam wine. But she failed to experience holy joy by succumbing to her ego. Noah attempted to rectify Eve’s error, but failed. Selfless joy was finally achieved by Sarah, the epitome of selflessness.
Bricks and Mortar
Bricks and Mortar
The sin of the Generation of the Dispersion caused the Divine Presence to retreat from the fourth firmament to the fifth.
The Generation of the Dispersion wished to receive sustenance from the Name Havayah, although they deserved no better than to receive sustenance from the lowest levels of the Name Elokim.
Never Again
The Flood was a reversion to the initial state of creation, in which the earth was physically submerged under water and spiritually submerged in Divine awareness.
G‑d's ultimate desire is that Divine awareness permeate even a world with "dry land," i.e., self-awareness. In order for the earth to reach this stage, it first had to have been immersed in the waters of the Flood, which "destroyed the earth," i.e., which nullified the earth's sense of self. This one-time experience conditioned the earth to be able to later attain Divine awareness -- even after the waters receded and the earth reverted to dry land.
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