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Holy Unions
Holy Unions
The rectification of sexuality is fundamental to fixing the world
Noah was said to be "a righteous man….", a tzadik. This appellation is associated specifically with the sefira of yesod and indicates sexual purity. In contrast to the rest of his depraved generation, Noah was holy and guarded his sexuality properly.
Mystical Inundations
Kabbalah explains the mystical roots of the waters of the Great Flood.
In the Flood, the gevura-states of Nukva could not be “sweetened” by Her “Husband”, Zeir Anpin. Consequently, they had to return to their source in their “mother”, Imma, to be rectified. Thus, the Flood was the immersion of the world in the original intellect, or idea, that gave rise to it, in order to renew it.
Kindness to Animals
The Ari was very careful not to kill any bug...even when they bit him.
Since no creature was created without a purpose, thus the Sages state it is forbidden to kill purposelessly. The Arizal took this statement to extreme conclusions, being careful not to kill any bug, even when they bit him.
Towering Blunders
Kabbalah teaches how Nimrod was reincarnated into Nebuchadnezzar
G-d set up the workings of the world so that His beneficence flows primarily and directly to the forces of holiness and goodness. Only a residual flow of beneficence reaches the forces of evil - just enough to keep them in existence so that they can fulfill their role.
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