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One Common, Evil Purpose
The Zohar teaches the Tower of Babel's success was due to its builders speaking Hebrew.
The Zohar teaches that the builders of the city of the Tower of Babel used their knowledge of the Hebrew language in the use or manipulation of divine names to force the ministering angels to aid them in their task of building the city and the tower.
Keeping Out of the Limelight
Everything which a person does in a hidden manner is blessed
The name of G-d (referred to as "Havayah") is pronounced in a way unrelated to its spelling, as it is forbidden to pronounce this name. The Zohar teaches that this hidden aspect is the place from which issues all blessings.
The Returning Dove
The account of the dove and Noah's ark alludes to the history of the Jewish People.
"He sent off the dove" refers to G-d sending the Jews into exile. Rabbi Pinchas said: Every time the Jewish People were sent into exile, G-d set a limit to the exile. But this final exile has no set limit, and everything depends upon repentance.
Real Human Beings
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Real Human Beings
Based on Zohar Breishit 71a
Formerly, the creatures of the world looked upon man and saw the holy supernal image and trembled with fear. But as people sinned, their image was transformed in the eyes of the beasts, which is why human beings now tremble with fear of other creatures.
Drunk on D'vine
At the moment of his fall, Noah was in the midst of rectifying the sin of Adam.
Noah intended to rectify the vine with which Adam had transgressed and therefore uprooted the grapevine [i.e. the Tree of Knowledge] that was banished from the Garden of Eden and planted it outside of the Garden of Eden.

On the same day that he planted it, it produced fruits which he squeezed to make wine. He then drank the wine and became intoxicated, thus deepening the breach in the world which Adam's sin had made.
The Zohar teaches how Children manifest the spiritual light of the Parents.
The Zohar understands Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be the human embodiment of the sefirot - chesed, gevura and tiferet. Tthe lights of the Patriarchs will come to fruition in malchut, becoming revealed and manifest in the world as G‑d''s sovereignty at the time the rainbow appears; the beaming colors of the rainbow represent the shining of the attributes chesed, gevura and tiferet into the world.
Soul Steps
Soul Steps
Each person gradually perfects the levels of the soul
When G-d first created man, He gathered soil from the four corners of the world. He then drew down into him the breath of life from its source in the spiritual Holy Temple above it to create a living soul. This soul was composed of three levels [in ascending order]: Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama.

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