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Comforting Unifications
The Zohar
Towering Blunders
The Holy Ari
G-d set up the workings of the world so that His beneficence flows primarily and directly to the forces of holiness and goodness. Only a residual flow of beneficence reaches the forces of evil - just enough to keep them in existence so that they can fulfill their role.
Drinking with the Demon
Mystical Classics
When Noah initially planted the vineyard, he had neither constructive positive intentions nor destructive ones. However, he was joined by an external force, a demon.

Wine may be used to serve G-d from a spirit of joy and gladness, such as when reciting Kiddush in order to sanctify the Shabbat. But whenever serving profane purposes, wine causes harm.
The Almost Giving of the Torah
Chasidic Masters
R. Tzadok says that whenever we stumble in our lives, there was some blessing that was trying to come through in that moment, and for whatever reason we didn’t rise to the occasion. G-d offered us a gift and it slipped through our hands.
Never Again
Contemporary Kabbalists
G‑d's ultimate desire is that Divine awareness permeate even a world with "dry land," i.e., self-awareness. In order for the earth to reach this stage, it first had to have been immersed in the waters of the Flood, which "destroyed the earth," i.e., which nullified the earth's sense of self. This one-time experience conditioned the earth to be able to later attain Divine awareness -- even after the waters receded and the earth reverted to dry land.
Floodwaters of Wisdom
Ascent Lights
The Torah states that during the Flood in the year 600 all of the subterranean waterways burst forth. The Zohar explains this to mean that in the Jewish year 5600 (1830 CE), there will be a great expansion of wisdom in the world. We have seen this evidenced by the explosion of expanding secular knowledge in recent history.
Forty Days and Forty Nights
Mystical Story
A chasid gets a lesson in Divine Inspiration.
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