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Heaven vs. Earth
Proper use of the physical world can lead to maximum holiness
The Slonimer Rebbe teaches that there are two ways in divine service: One is the path of the Heavens or spirituality, i.e. mitzvahs, prayer, and acts of loving kindness. The second is the path of the Earth, or the physical, i.e. money, eating, sleeping and other physical needs. One is obligated to serve G-d with both aspects.
Desires from Eden
The Chasidic masters teach that it is up to us to draw out the light from the darkness.
Before Adam’s sin, the spiritual force in the physical world had an intense desire for fulfillment and expression. Thereafter, the physical world became shrouded with a dark, filthy garment which obscured the underlying spiritual foundations of the world and actually encouraged one to chase after purely physical and carnal desires.

As a countermeasure, G-d gave us the holy Torah which instructs us how to discern and reveal the spiritual within the physical and to shed the coarse and filthy garment.
Man By Himself is Not Good
Only by G-d constricting His light can we have voluntary deference to G-d.
The creative energy direct from G‑d Himself represented by the name Havayah is so intense as to preclude Creation as we know it. Were G d to have created the universe using just this creative emanation, we would also not be able to perceive the created things as separate entities. Therefore G‑d shielded some of this light, allegorically speaking, with the aspect of G‑d referred to as Elokim, a concealing, restraining force.
Coming Into Being
G-d looked into the Torah and created the world.
The Holy Zohar explains the word "Bereishit": "With (or by way of) 'reishit', G-d created the Heavens and the Earth". "Reishit" means Torah. G-d created the world with the Torah. G-d looked into the Torah and created the world.
Adam's Super-Consciousness
Good and evil must be identified and separated until all wickedness will dissolve like smoke
Before their sin, Adam and Eve did not know evil at all. After partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve knew good and evil. But unlike G-d and the angels, the human internalizes knowledge and good and evil become a part of him. The same blending of good and evil also occured throughout all of Creation.
Completion Means Connection
With the entrance of Shabbat, every creature became a part of an organic whole.
Before the first Shabbat, every creature existed for itself. Every plant, mineral and animal was an individual without connection to the others. But, with the entrance of Shabbat, a new spirit of life permeated the universe, and every creature became a part of an organic whole, contributing in its own way to the functioning of the universe.
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