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Teshuvah - Supernatural Act
Giving the Torah to man, physical and so limited, brings It down to levels the angels can't understand
Aramaic is considered an intermediary language, not understood by the angels. When G-d came to give the Torah to Israel, His coming was camouflaged in Aramaic so that the angels not make accusations against them and prevent the giving of the Torah.
Blessing of the Tribe of Gad
In Kabbalah, the tribe of Gad symbolizes holy sexuality.
"Blessed be He who expands Gad..."

The attraction between male and female is in essence the sense of mutual completion each grants the other in their intrinsic desire to make this world a home for G‑d. The husband is attracted to the wife's drive to bring this idea to fruition; the wife is attracted to the husband's drive to renew the inspiration.
The Many Moons of Joseph
The Era of Redemption will be characterized by the full moon
Moses blessed Joseph's portion of the Land of Israel "with choice fruits that are produce of the light of the sun, and with choice fruits brought forth by the various phases and appearances of the moon."

The moon is a manifestation of the sefira of malchut, the source of the souls of the Jewish people. The moon was originally intended to be equal to the sun, but was diminished, i.e. sent to retrieve the sparks of holiness from the exile. The verse quoted speaks of the Messianic Era, when the unending waxing and waning of the moon will not longer be relevant.
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