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The Peak of History
The Sinai experience drew the Jewish nation heavenward.
The first verses of the blessing Moses gave to the people of Israel don't seem connected to the blessing as they recount the historic event of the receiving of the law on Mount Sinai. Nonetheless, the experience of Mount Sinai was the high point of the spiritual life of the people of Israel and Moses and therefore the closest to the source of their blessing.
Conquering the Accuser's Turf
The Zohar discusses why Moses was not buried in the Holy Land.
When G-d created the world, He divided up the area for settlement on one side and the desolate places on the other side. All goodness and all sustenance flow down to the world from there.

There was no desolate place in the whole world as barren as the Sinai desert, where Israel spent 40 years breaking the power and strength of the forces of evil, known as the "Other Side".

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