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Foundation of the Festivals
"The eighth day shall be a solemn assembly [in Hebrew, "atzeret"] for you."

The word "atzeret", used in connection with this festival, conveys the idea that the Jewish people - "Knesset Yisrael", spiritually speaking - are the purpose of all festivals. In Kabbalistic terms, they are the yesod/foundation", without which the entire legislation of the festivals would lack meaning.
The Fruit of Desire
The etrog is not bound up with the other three species, and yet the mitzva is invalid if it is not taken together with them. This is comparable to Shemini Atzeret which is a festival of its own, and yet is supplementary to the first days.
A Holiday for G-d
A Holiday for G-d
There is a basic difference between Sukkot and Passover and Shavuot. The latter two denote specific historic events, as opposed to the Sukkot festival, which is a celebration for G-d for the fact that Israel had recovered from the stain on its soul due to the Golden Calf episode.