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Lights of the Lulav
Before Rosh Hashanah, Zeir Anpin and Nukva are connected back-to-back. Thus, Zeir Anpin must be put to sleep; his intellectual facilities must ascend to Imma, rendering him unconscious. Afterwards, He and Nukva are face-to-face and their "reuniting" progresses step by step.
Origin of (4) Species
The mitzva of the Four Species of Sukkot requires 1 etrog, 1 lulav, 3 hadas branches and 2 willow branches. Thus there are actually 7 in all, alluding to the seven sefirot that build the world, as Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai explains.
Ceilings of Consciousness
While the explicit reason for dwelling in a sukkah during the holiday of Sukkot is to commemorate the miraculous exodus from Egypt and G-d's shelter as we traveled through the desert, the Ari explains that the sukkah serves as a model of the spiritual worlds and conduit for expanded consciousness, channeling divine benevolence into the Lower Realms.