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Nesting Time
The Divine Presence rests upon the sukkah like a mother bird.
"If a bird's nest chances to be before you in any tree or on the ground as you travel, whether there are chicks or eggs"

The Zohar interprets this verse as referring to the sukkah, called Higher Mother [Imma Ila'ah]. "In any tree" relates to the 4 species as is written, "And you shall take on the first day, the fruit of a citrus tree, branches of palm trees..."
Secret Unification of the Species
The four species of the holiday of Sukkot
Rebbe Shimon bar Yochai taught the secret of the mitzvah of the Four Species on Sukkot is thus: just as the Holy One Blessed Be He takes Israel as his own on these days and rejoices in them, so Israel also takes Him as their portion and rejoices in Him.
Welcoming Guests of the Sukkah
The Kabbalists of the Zohar took great pleasure in receiving Sukkah guests.
When a person comes to dwell in the shade of the sukkah, seven tzadikim make their dwelling with him - not in his individual merit but rather they come because G-d has chosen Israel as His people.
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