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Welcoming Guests of the Sukkah
The Zohar
When a person comes to dwell in the shade of the sukkah, seven tzadikim make their dwelling with him - not in his individual merit but rather they come because G-d has chosen Israel as His people.
Ceilings of Consciousness
The Holy Ari
While the explicit reason for dwelling in a sukkah during the holiday of Sukkot is to commemorate the miraculous exodus from Egypt and G-d's shelter as we traveled through the desert, the Ari explains that the sukkah serves as a model of the spiritual worlds and conduit for expanded consciousness, channeling divine benevolence into the Lower Realms.
A Holiday for G-d
Mystical Classics
There is a basic difference between Sukkot and Passover and Shavuot. The latter two denote specific historic events, as opposed to the Sukkot festival, which is a celebration for G-d for the fact that Israel had recovered from the stain on its soul due to the Golden Calf episode.
The High Humble Willow
Chasidic Masters
The Four Species represent four different types of Jews; the aravot (willow branches), which have neither taste nor fragrance, represent one who lacks both Torah and mitzvot.

At the beginning of the festival, the arava is bound together with the other species, enabling one "without taste or smell" to be become elevated through contact with those already on a higher spiritual level, until the last day when they merit a holiday of their own - Hoshanah Raba.
A Crown of Supernal Joy
Contemporary Kabbalists
The main concept of Simchat Torah is simcha, or joy, as is indicated by the name of the holiday. It is from this special day that we derive all our happiness for the entire year, as it is on this day that the Jewish People brings down a higher aspect of Torah within the Torah itself, a joy which crowns the Torah from the aspect of keter.
Unity Among the Species
Ascent Lights
We dwell in a sukkah for seven days (eight days outside of Israel). Entering the sukkah we are entirely immersed in the mitzvah, resulting in a level of union to the Infinite that is only available to us after the Days of Awe. While in the sukkah, we are "hugged" by G-d.
The Unpopular Rebbe
Mystic Story
He trudged home alone, saddened and a bit shaken up at the realization that he might never have another guest, not even for the special festive meal of the First Night of Sukkot.
Inside Out - Outside In
Laws & Customs
The physical action of blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah entails breathing deeply in and then blowing out, reminiscent of the description of the formation of man: "and G‑d blew into his nostrils the soul of life." During the holiday of Sukkot, the most inner, deep felt prayers of the previous holidays must now find practical ways to manifest themselves in the outside world. The in-out, out-in, motion of shaking the four species is a potent symbol of unification and actualizing our goals and hopes for the new year.

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