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Higher Teshuvah
There are many levels to coming close to the Divine.
The structure of the song of parashat Haazinu teaches that even the rebuke is but a segment of the journey of the Jewish nation, guided by G-d, to arrive at the complete goodness that is imminently arriving. This teaches us how to face even life's difficulties with happiness.
Eternal Witnesses
Eternal Witnesses
With increased opportunity comes greater accountability.
Yom Kippur unifies all Jews more than Rosh Hashanah, for on that sacred day each and every Jew, even transgressors, unite in spiritual and physical service of G‑d. During Rosh Hashanah we rise to a level above sin, but unity with sinners is nevertheless impossible - until Yom Kippur.
Seven Days of Return
Listen to the opportunity provided by Teshuvah!
We are expected to be close to the heavens and holiness, and far from the world and its falsehood. By learning and fulfilling the Torah and its commandments a Jew is raised to the level of the Torah, higher than all of Creation, including heaven and earth. He can then change reality, both in his personal life and in the world at large.
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