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Rain and Dew
Two aspects of divine revelation are present in the study of any part of the Torah.
Divine beneficence in general falls into two categories: rain alludes to that aspect which we must elicit through our good behavior, whereas dew alludes to the aspect that we do not have to elicit ourselves.
Harmonizing Heaven and Earth
Both heaven and earth testify how we have fulfilled our mission in life
"Give ear, O heavens, and hear, O earth..."

Moses addressed heaven and earth because they are subject to the Jews. If the Jews perform G-d's will - or even resolve to perform G-d's will - heaven and earth must perform the will of the Jewish people, providing them with their means of sustenance.
Covered with Fat
Anything smacking of Jewishness has become for them passé, tedious, embarrassing.
There is nothing wrong in being wealthy per sé, as long as we take the necessary steps to ensure that we retain the proper perspective, striving all the more to refine our human-animal natures while not allowing ourselves to indulge in excess mundane gratification.
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