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Musical Works By Moses
Part 2
"For all His ways are just"

G-d does not want man to indulge and enjoy life in the Garden of Eden for free, rather G-d created Adam with an evil inclination, so that he would eat the fruit of his own efforts achieved through the toil of subduing the evil inclination.
Giving Greatness to G-d
Part 3
"For G-d's portion is His people".

The Ari reveals the inner meaning of the song of parashat Ha'azinu, saying that G-d gave each nation its distinctive language and culture only for the sake of Israel. That is why there are seventy of them - corresponding to the seventy archetypal souls of Jacob's children who descended to Egypt.
The Ins and Outs of the Torah
Part 1
The Torah possesses both an exoteric ["peshat" or simple meaning] and esoteric ["sod" or secret] dimension. The exoteric dimension is appropriate for all people. In contrast,, the esoteric dimension is appropriate only for those who are like angels.
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