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Remembering Days of Old
The Zohar describes G‑d's love for Israel like an eagle's affection for her young.
"Remember the days of old, consider the lifetimes of previous generations"

The entire world was created with the precondition that Israel receive the Torah. If they accepted the Torah, that would be fitting - and if not, Creation would return to chaos and void.
Wake-Up Call
During these Days of Repentance, keep your heart awake.
Throughout Israel's long sojourn in the desert, when they complained about their lot and in their many quarrels against G-d, Moses constantly admonished them and enjoined them to keep the Torah. Since his words were said with love and affection, Israel listened to the reproofs and rectified their deeds.
Opening Doors with Song
Our beloved teacher Moses knocks on the doors of our consciousness.
The Zohar's commentary on this parasha quotes: "I sleep, but my heart is awake. Knocking; it is the voice of my beloved"

The Zohar explains that this refers to Moses who knocked on the doors of our hearts to awaken us to correct our characters and learn the practical commandments. Then, just as we opened up to him, he was gone, leaving us to enter the Land under another leader.

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