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The Dynamics of Forgiveness
If we cannot truly forgive another in our heart, we cannot get close to the Creator.
There is an important custom before Kol Nidre for everyone to forgive everyone else for whatever wrongs they may have committed against us. When one forgives everyone else, then G-d can forgive him as well. Lack of forgiveness prevents one from getting close to G-d.
Tunic, Trousers, Sash and Turban
The eight garments worn year-round by the high priest atone for eight specific aberrations of attitude or behavior.
All of us possess the full array of soul-faculties alluded to by the four priestly garments. These garments also allude to four types of people, all of whom must learn to perform their pursuits with faith in God.
Yom Kippur Lottery Tickets
The essential nature of man is the desire to receive.
"Be holy, since I, G-d, am Holy."
Rashi says, "One might ask if ‘I will be like G-d?’ Therefore it says, ‘I am G-d,’ that My Holiness is above your holiness."

Holiness is the desire to give and to emanate. "Be holy:" give to others from what you have received beyond what is necessary for yourself, for this is the appropriate way for a created being to express its G-d-given holiness.
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