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Mystic Math
Mystic Math
Via Torah we can access the supernal level of "ten-thousands"
"G-d came from Sinai – He… approached from the holy ten thousands"

The emotions (the seven "lower" sefirot) are ones, whereas the attributes of the intellect (chochma and bina) are tens. Our Sages say of Adam that he was one hundred cubits tall. This alludes to the idea that he was on the level of "one hundred", i.e. beyond intellect.
Written in Tears
Written in Tears
Jewish mysticism teaches that the Torah was originally created only as a mass of letters.
"So Moses, the servant of G-d, died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of G-d." How could Moses write these words while still alive?

The Torah preceded the creation of the world by two thousand years, and was originally created as a mass of letters. When the holy stories of the Torah occurred, these letters arranged themselves into patterns of words and stories.

When the time came for Moses to die, G-d told Moses the letters that remained as they were still intermingled, without being combined into words.
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