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Standing Before the New Year
One must return to G-d with his or her whole being.
"You are standing today, all of you, before G-d, your Lord".

This message of Netzavim also relates to the upcoming New Year and refers to all of the Jewish people - not just our entire number but also every level, spiritual and physical, within us. No matter whom, we are all standing strong and confident, certain that the Almighty will judge us favorably.
Light Emerging from Darkness
Spiritual darkness should only increase our determination.
"…And you choose life in order that you and your children will live"

Rebbe Michel of Zlotshuv comments: when we do a mitzvah selflessly, with love, awe, and true intention, we give that action a spiritual power. Becoming something akin to a shining light, it spreads its effluence of blessings, mercy and life to all beings in the world.
Making the Year's End Count
Some hints for wrapping up the year…
This Shabbat is the last Shabbat of the year, an excellent opportunity to correct any lacking in our Shabbat observance in the past year.

The Zohar teaches that Shabbat is the vessel for blessings of the week that follows it. Therefore, how we maximize this coming Shabbat will have a qualitative impact on how we spend Rosh Hashanah, in turn having a positive affect for the entire new year, G-d willing.
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