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Disease and the Divine
Kabbalah teaches that plagues are the result of defective revelations of divinity.
"G-d will cause the pestilence to cling to you...."

Absolutely everything that occurs is a function of the elevation process of the sparks that fell from the world of Tohu. When there remains an element of waste in the refined sparks which was not separated out, it acts as a poison, killing the person during an outbreak of plague.
Emanations of Evil
Kabbalah describes the nature of spiritual forces of darkness.
The Jewish people were commanded to "place the blessing on Mt. Gerizim and the curse on Mt. Eval" when they cross the Jordan River and enter the land of Israel.

The Levites were to pronounce eleven curses there. The number ten signifies completion, balance, and holiness, whereas the number eleven indicates destructive excess, as the Sages say: "whoever adds, detracts."
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