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Dressed in the Divine Name
Kabbalah describes some earthly effects brought about when one wears tefillin.
"All the nations of the earth will realize that G-d's name is proclaimed over you and they will be afraid of you."

Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrkanus explains that this refers to tefillin on the head. The four-stemmed shin on its housing alludes to the Shechinah..

When the nations of the world observe the two letters of shin on our head tefillin, they will be seized by a sense of awe and develop fear of us.
Laban did not chase Jacob with an army of men to wage war against him, but intended to kill him with his mouth.
"...put the first fruits in a basket"

Every single thing has a "first fruit" waiting to be appreciated and connected to the conscious human intelligence. Absorb within yourself the holy intelligence within and soak up its Divine spark.
A Greater Joy
A Greater Joy
We must give thanks to G-d for all our achievements whenever they occur.
"in joy and with a glad heart"

G-d's commandments should appear to us as if they had only been issued on that very day, to enable us to perform them with eagerness, as one performs a task newly assigned.
The Last of the Virtues
Moses compliments the Jewish people that they walk in G-d’s paths even in matters G-d has not specifically commanded.
The Zohar teaches that all countries on earth have been assigned by G‑d to a respective heavenly minister, who is in charge of them on G‑d’s behalf. However, the land of Israel and its people are not subject to any delegate of G‑d but are ruled over directly by Him.
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