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Working with Reality
Via the Land of Israel itself, we connect directly to G‑d.
Allegorically, "coming into the land" alludes to the descent of the soul into the body, where it is challenged by overwhelming physicality that hides divinity.

Yet, this descent is still ultimately a joyous event, since the true purpose of the descent is the ascent that it can bring in the afterlife.
Pursued by Blessings
We pray every day for health and sustenance. But has it not already been decreed on Rosh Hashanah?
On Rosh Hashanah, all the different blessings necessary for their respective purposes descend to a certain level of reality where they wait in store to be drawn further into the physical world through our daily prayers.
Eleven Curses for Eleven Tribes
The tribe of Zebulun were destined to be merchants and particularly exposed to the temptation of taking a bribe.
"The Levites must speak up, saying to every individual of Israel..."

There are eleven specific curses here, corresponding to all 12 tribes except Simeon, whom Moses did not want to curse explicitly as he was planning not to bless him explicitly when he blessed all the tribes, either.

Ripening Fruits and Relationships
The commandment to bring the First Fruits is a tangible expression of our true relationship with G-d.
The commandment to bring the first fruits is a tangible expression of our true relationship with G‑d. Even when we are not actively engaged in overtly "religious" pursuits, we should try to live every moment in intimacy with G‑d.
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