THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Coming into the Land
Entrance into Israel is more of a launching pad than a final destination.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that especially now, with Mashiach at our doorstep, a Jew cannot be satisfied with sitting in an ivory tower, preoccupied with personal accomplishments! A Jew must go out and change his or her part of the world and thereby affect the whole of Creation.
Sadness, Joy, Descent, and Ascent
To fully serve G-d, we must celebrate the blessing in everything.
"And you will rejoice in all the good which G‑d gives you".

One who serves G‑d out of joy will eliminate punishment for his sins, for our happiness stimulates happiness Above, whereas one who lacks joy is defenseless against retribution. The bottom line: don't worry, be happy!
A Tale of Two Mountains
September 11th & the University Crises
The Torah teaches us that life can and should be divided into two distinct pathways: one path as a source of blessing and growth; the other as a source of curse and devastation.

Distinguishing good from bad is not an act of arrogance, peasantry or a display of closed-mindedness. It is the only way to stand up to evil and defeat it.
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