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Shofar: Both Midwife and Birth Canal
A shofar with its narrow mouthpiece and wider opening resembles a birth canal.
The shofar is the midwife of the new year. Into its piercing cry, we squeeze all of our heartfelt prayers, all of our tears, our very souls. All that exists resonates with its call until it reaches the very beginning, the cosmic womb. And when it touches upon High, the Divine Presence shifts from strict judgment to compassion.
Joy and Judgment
In the ultimate levels of G-d's Infinity, opposites unite.
The goal of our divine service of Rosh Hashanah, the Ten Days of Awe and Yom Kippur is to draw down from Above the innermost aspect of our souls so that their essence shines in open revelation here in the physical world.
The Real Beginning
The Rebbe's Rosh Hashanah revelations
A perfected world replete with an exposed Divine Presence, in fact, already exists. The moment the Six Days of Creation were completed - relative to G-d's Delight - His earthly dwelling place was established.
Two Parables of the King for Rosh Hashanah
In order to break out of the contextual meaning of our limited modes of expression, we use the blast and wails of the shofar which transcend the confines of language.
Words are limited by the knowledge and experiences we have accrued in our lives. The blast and wails of the shofar transcend the confines of language. In this way, we recapture the innocence and inspiration of a soul newly born and of the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, and this renewed inspiration powers our relationship with G‑d for the coming year.
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