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Walk, Don't Fly
The Zohar
Mankind was created without wings so that he would not be able to fly immediately to do a sinful act. Walking gives him time for introspection, giving him the chance to repent before acting wrongly.
The Ramban on the Shofar
Mystical Classics
Terua, the quavering sound of the shofar, usually alludes to the attribute of judgment. But Rosh Hashanah is: "a memorial of terua", meaning there will be a remembrance of mercy in the terua. Therefore Rosh Hashanah is a day of judgment in mercy.
Revelation and Concealment
Chasidic Masters
One of the main themes of Rosh Hashanah is knowing that compassion is imbued into the very fabric of existence -for otherwise, the world could not have endured. This becomes an eternal source of hope, giving us the strength to overcome any challenge.
The Real Beginning
Contemporary Kabbalists
A perfected world replete with an exposed Divine Presence, in fact, already exists. The moment the Six Days of Creation were completed - relative to G-d's Delight - His earthly dwelling place was established.
Sequencing Judgment and Atonement
Ascent Lights
We ask for our physical needs, but the essence of our prayer is an outpouring of the soul. Just as Hannah was answered on Rosh Hashanah that she would be blessed with a child, so should G-d fulfill all of our requests for a good and sweet year.
Caught in the Act
Mystic Story
It happened in Berditchev. On the first day of Rosh Hashana, during the repetition of the Shacharit prayer. In the shul of the great tzaddik, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak.
Spiritual Throw-aways
Laws & Customs
We wish to truly leave behind all of our past transgressions and personal faults, emerging cleansed in a state of renewal. This Rosh Hashanah, may we merit to approach the life-giving source of all divine beneficence, our spiritual "stains" washed away.
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