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Why Children Rebel
Moses argued with G-d over a particular commandment, and refused to transcribe it into the Torah!
"If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son..."

The Talmudic Sages derive from the text so many conditions that were required for this law to be enacted that they concluded that its practical application was an impossibility, rathre it was written so that we should expound the law and thereby enrich our parenting and educational skills.
Sins Becoming Merits
Even within transgressions, G-d is present.
G‑d's glory fills the entire world. Even the existence of sin and the enjoyment of the sinner come from the Supernal Pleasure. The letter alef in the word "chet", meaning unintentional sin, is silent. It refers to G‑d who is hidden in the sin.
Captive Souls
Shedding the excess to free the imprisoned soul
The aspect of man's soul that remains above and beyond is called mazal, a word that connotes "flowing", since the energy of the mazal flows to the aspect of the soul that inhabits the body.

The mazal aspect of the soul is also referred to as yefat to'ar, "beautiful appearance", a woman in captivity. The lower aspect of the soul is, so to speak, held captive by the mental and emotional chains of the bodily perspective.
Soul Redemption
The righteous specialize in redeeming captive souls
"When you go out to war against your enemies... if you see a beautiful woman amongst the captives and you desire her, then you may take her as a wife."

When Adam and Eve fell and tasted from the forbidden fruit, this caused a number of special souls to be captured by forces of impurity. A tzadik's unexpected desire for a certain beautiful woman captive is an indication that there is a pure soul captive inside her.
Firstborn Rights
Why use a crude and offensive illustration to make the point that the firstborn son is entitled to a double portion of the inheritance?
Both the "beloved spouse" and the "despised spouse." enter into a marriage with G-d. Those who enjoy a continuous romance with G-d as well as "despised spouses," who struggle each and every day to remain married to their Divine soul and not fall prey to the lure of their animalistic tendencies.
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