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The (Hypothetical) Defiant Son
The concept of the rebellious nation of G-d is only in theory.
"If a man will have a stubborn and rebellious son..."

Moses asked G-d how a Jewish father and mother could be expected to take their own son to the Supreme Court in order to have him executed? This whole passage should be deleted from the Torah! G-d explained to him that it was included to enable us to receive a reward for studying it, though it would always remain only in the realm of hypothesis.
Brotherly Souls
The rite of Levirate marriage greatly benefits the soul of the deceased.
"It shall be that the firstborn which she shall bear shall succeed to the name of his dead brother"

The institution of the levirate marriage discussed in this Torah portion is of great value to the soul of the departed, for the soul of the new infant will replace that of the departed brother. A soul derives added enjoyment when allowed to re-incarnate as a member of the family it had once belonged to.
For a Full Month
Afterwards, you are permitted to benefit from her spiritual light.
Our Sages set aside the Month of Elul prior to the Day of Judgment, Rosh Hashanah, for penitence and self-flagellation to eradicate our sins. This assists the soul to assist us to remain on the correct path. Eventually, this soul will once more perform the task assigned to it.
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