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Mystical Arsenal of War
Kabbalah teaches that success in the war against evil is predicated on holy conduct.
"When you go out to war against your enemies…."

One may think that in wartime one should demonstrate gevura. However, the fact that the enemy has chosen to oppose the forces of holiness means that he must be fought, conquered - and if necessary, annihilated - for his own good. True, power and might (gevura) must be present within the army or individual waging war, but fighting the enemy is an act of chesed for him and for all.
Elul Redemptions
Kabbalah teaches us that Elul is the best time for reforming our inner selves.
A penitent goes out to war against his evil inclination and against the limbs of his body which had become accustomed to sin. Repeated sinful acts weave a crude and vulgar "garment" for the soul. The penitent, as part of his repentance, must remove these filthy garments, as well.
Light Which Transforms - Part 1
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
"When a man takes a wife and engages in marital relations with her..."

There are two types of "lights", or spiritual energies, imparted from a groom to his bride. "Encompassing light" serves as a source of inspiration or protection and is transmitted at betrothal. "Inner light" informs the consciousness of the entity it enters and remakes its possessor's world-view, changing the way the possessor lives his or her life; this is given at the consummation of the marriage.
The Beautiful Captive
The war in which the Jewish warrior encountered the seductive non-Jewish woman was a discretionary war not specifically commanded by G-d, which could only be fought by warriors who were tzadikim. His attractio nto her indicated that it was his task to rescue the spark of holiness within her.
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