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Beating Up the Bad Guys
The Zohar teaches that, since the Sin, humankind is sustained from a less supernal source.
Adam was originally created with consciousness of all four spiritual worlds. However, by eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, he fell from the consciousness of absolute truth and instead became conscious of only the lowest world, Asiya, the world of good and evil.
Day Worker
The estrangement of the Divine Presence is seen as a state of poverty.
One of the mitzvot in this week's parasha is to pay a day worker his wages as soon as they are due. This is interpreted to also hint at the way prayer is received and transmitted by the angel Meta-tron, who delivers our prayers to the next step on their ladder up in the spiritual realms.
The Torah of a United World
When the spiritual and physical unite, the Jewish People are considered "sons of the King"
The Zohar says: "How unfortunate are those who only eat the straw instead of the real fruit of Torah..."

Wheat is a mixture of good and evil, chaff and seed – corresponding respectively to sin and holiness. The Zohar is teaching us that using logic alone to understand Torah is like eating straw instead of proper food.

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