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Gates to G-d
G-d gives us pathways via which to connect to the infinite.
G-d is transcendent in His glory. He is unknowable and no one can truly understand Him. The Zohar associates the word "shaar", meaning "gate", with "approximation"; He is known "b'she'arim", meaning "in approximation". Based on other facts and perceptions, you arrive at the conclusion that He exists - but you could not describe Him.
Should Diversity be Shunned or Embraced?
Is Religion Intolerant?
The faith of Israel declares the oneness of G-d and yet the plurality of man. Authentic religion must welcome diversity and individualistic expression. When you truly cultivate a relationship with G-d, you know that only in the presence of other-ness can you encounter a fragment of truth that you could never access within your own framework.
Six Commandments – Six Lessons
These six negative commandments correspond to our five senses, plus one more
According to the Torah, to be a good judge one must use the full force of his intellect in order to uncover all the details of the case and get down to the crux – only then can the resulting decision be truly informed and objective.
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