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Two Kinds of Justice
There is a justice in our world and there is another justice in the Celestial Regions.
the promise of inheriting terrestrial Eretz Yisrael is tied to the pursuit of justice in this world, whereas acquisition of our share of the World to Come is tied to the pursuit of justice in the Celestial Spheres. When courts administer justice according to the Torah, we become able to obtain all three great gifts G-d has bestowed on the Jewish people.
Righteous Judgment
If a judge wishes to hand down true judgment, he must dissociate from the litigants and weigh only legal considerations.
The Celestial Court decides on Rosh Hashanah each individual’s livelihood for the coming year. Accordingly, when a terrestrial judge decides between two litigants on the basis of Torah law, he merely publicizes a decision made previously in the Celestial Court.
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