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Conveyance of Leah's Higher Wisdom
Kabbalah details the manner of imparting divine consciousness unto a developing world.
"Appoint judges and policemen in all your gates…"

The Ari teaches that every Jew has several "gates". When s/he guards them from sin, it is said: "Open up, O gates, that a righteous nation may enter" - measure for measure.
Consciousness and the 18 Royal Wives
Kabbalah explains the mystical reasons why a Jewish king is permitted 18 wives.
In our task of spiritualizing the world, we must at times assume the leadership ("king") role, directing the affairs of our private "kingdom" so that whatever happens to be in our domain is orchestrated so as to serve this purpose.
Protect Yourself for Peace
We are enjoined to discipline our senses, to preserve our own and others' peace
Appoint judges and policemen in all your gates...

Rabbi Chaim Vital teaches that every Jew has several "gates", a gate being a passageway through which one enters and exits One's "gates" are his sense organs. We must position "judges" and "policemen" at each of these "gates" in order to protect ourselves from sin.
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