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Full Throttle
Kabbalah teaches that musical notes of the Torah can be used to execute judgment.
The cantillation notes used when reading from the Torah are described in the Tikkunei Zohar as weapons of warfare against the evil inclination. Death by strangulation relates graphically to the musical note zarka, signifying the Evil Inclination caught and strangled by a rope at this time of the year, when Jews are involved in repentance.
The Sword of Judgment
The Zohar teaches that holy judgment originates in the highest of divine attributes.
The Zohar states that G-d's sword - the sword of judgment in the spiritual realms - is hinted at in the name Havayah, whereas the sheath of the sword of justice is the name Ado-nai, representing malchut. The unity of these is the meditative state of union with the infinite.
The Bones of the Matter
The essence of one's body testifies about that of the soul
The Hebrew word for bones is "atzamot", closely related to the word meaning "essence - atzmut". If a sin is such that it comes from the very core of one's personality, then it is engraved on one's very bones, which will then give evidence in the Heavenly Courts.

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