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Song for Elul
In the month of repentance, we utilize the power of song to overcome challenges
When G-d is pleased with a person who has repented of his misdeeds, He raises him up above all people in the world and makes him the head of all, and all those who hate him will submit to his authority.
Teshuva and the Final Solution
G-d alone has the power to judge the Jewish nation.
When G-d comes to judge Israel, He is filled with mercy on their behalf because He is like a father who feels merciful towards his children. Thus no sins remain to be given to the authority of strict judgment.
Turn Around
Turn Around
The Zohar emphasizes that nothing can stand in the way of repentance.
Nothing in the world that stands in the way of G-d accepting repentance; everyone who returns to G-d, even the wicked, is received in good favor by Him and is summoned to the Path of Life.
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